May 2018  
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Enon Women's Ministry (EWM)
Leader: Devee Jantz



Enon Women's Ministry (EWM) will serve as the new name for Women's Ministry and WMU/GA's. Recent survey results of EWM women encouraged Ministry events to be on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, provide childcare, and include sessions over how to journal, in depth prayer, get more women involved, spiritual growth- disciplining and mentoring, ministry opportunities and outreach.

A Spring, Fall, and Winter Newsletter has been added to expand EWM to more women in our association.  There will be three EWM events this year: March 9, August 24, and December ?.

EWM Leadership Team will be meeting January 23 to discuss Ministry Projects for 2017. We are currently reviewing ministry opportunities with Central Park, Disaster Relief, and Ministry Wives.  EWM will continue to emphasize prayer and support for our missionaries, Lottie Moon Christmas, Annie Armstrong Easter, and Edna McMillan State mission offerings.

At the BGCO Women's Retreat, "Resolved", April 21-22 at Falls Creek, EWM will be hosting a cabin for our Association. Bethel Baptist, Healdton, has donated their cabin to EWM for this retreat. 

A transformed woman embracing the transforming God (Jeremiah 1:22 MSG) is EWM's focus for 2017. 

Devee Jantz